Setting up user preferences for billing

Alerts and notices

Use the Billing tab of the User Preferences dialog to select how to bill your clients or engagements, how to display WIP during billing, and to specify rounding methods for billing at standard. You can also choose certain defaults for Detail Billing.

From the Setup menu, choose User Preferences, and then click the Billing tab.

Note: Your firm’s administrator can specify default user preferences when setting up new staff in the application (Setup > Firm > Preferences tab). Staff members with security privileges can later change these preferences if they want. To restore the firm’s defaults at any time, click the Reset to new Staff defaults for Firm link.



Detail Billing

Use the Start-up tab field to choose which tab you would like to be active whenever you open Detail Billing, either Summary or Time & Expenses.

Mark the Automatically check spelling checkbox to the application check spelling of input during billing.

Bill at standard rounding

Time & Expense Descriptions

Mark the checkbox for each of the following descriptions if you want to display them in the Time & Expense tab of Detail Billing.

Click OK to save your preferences and exit the User Preferences dialog.

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