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In Practice CS, an activity represents a task that your firm performs as part of a job for a client. When entering time and expense transactions, your staff members choose activities that identify the tasks to which those transactions are associated.

While engagements represent the type of work being performed for a client, activities represent the services performed to accomplish the work. For example, for a 1040 Tax Return engagement, a staff member might perform activities such as "Preparation of Tax Return" and "Review Tax Return."

Because much of the billing and reporting in Practice CS is based on the structure of activity codes, your firm’s partners and administrator should give considerable thought as to how to structure these codes.

To open the Activities screen, choose Setup > Activities.

See Setting up activities for more information.

Note: The Activities screen is a user-defined terminology screen. Your firm may refer to this screen by a different name. You can view the default names for user-defined items by choosing Help > Enable Default Terminology (or by pressing CTRL+Shift+H).

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