Setting up benefit allowances based on months of employment

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Use the Based on Months of Employment dialog to enter the benefit allowances based on the number of months a staff member has been employed.

To access this dialog and enter benefit allowances, follow these steps.

  1. Choose Setup > Activities.
  2. In the Activities screen, add or edit an activity code with class Administrative and type Accruable Benefit.
  3. Click the More More button button next to the Administrative type field.
  4. In the Accruable Benefit dialog, click the Based on months of employment option, and then click the More More button button.

    Note: For an accrual rate based on staff level, see Setting up benefit allowances based on staff level.

  5. In the Based on Months of Employment dialog, enter the number of months, and then enter the number of hours that can be earned for those months of employment.


    From To Annual Allowance
    0 12 5.00
    12 24 10.00
    24 48 15.00
  6. Click OK to return to the Accruable Benefit dialog.
  7. Click OK to continue setting up the activity code.

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