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To check your spelling when entering text in a Comment or Biller Note field, use the Spelling dialog.

  1. Enter your text in the field provided.
  2. If necessary, click the Comment Comment button button to open the Comment or Biller Note dialog.
  3. Click the Check Spelling button.
  4. If the application finds any misspelled words, it will list them in the Not in Dictionary pane of the Spelling dialog and provide a list of suggested spellings in the Suggestions pane. To correct the spelling error, click one of the following buttons:
    • Ignore Once: Skips the first instance of the word.
    • Ignore All: Skips all instances of the word.
    • Add to Dictionary: Adds the word to your custom dictionary so that the spell check will no longer flag it as a misspelled word.
    • Change: Click an alternate word in the Suggestions pane and then click the Change button to correct the current instance of the misspelled word.
    • Change All: Click an alternate word from the Suggestions pane and then click the Change All button to correct all instances of the misspelled word.


  • To change an item that you have corrected, ignored, or added to the dictionary, click the Undo button.
  • To refine your spell check, click the Options button. In the Spelling Options dialog, mark the checkboxes for the types of words you would like the spell check to include (for example, double words) or ignore (such as capitalized words).

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