Entering beginning balances

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Beginning WIP balances

Practice CS allows staff with the proper security permission to edit WIP amounts in Time & Expense Entry. The ability to override the Amount field in Time & Expense Entry enables staff to easily and accurately enter beginning balances for time and expenses. Amounts that have been overridden will appear in red.

Note: Any entry whose amount is overridden cannot be recalculated. For example, even if you change the number of hours for an entry that has been overridden, the amount will remain the same. The only way to change an amount that has been overridden is by manually changing it.

Beginning A/R balances

Entering credit and debit memos in Receipt & Adjustment Entry provides your firm with a quick method of entering beginning accounts receivable balances. Debit memos increase a client’s accounts receivable balance, while credit memos decrease the balance.

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