Reversing a credit card or ACH payment

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Credit Card Return

Once a credit card receipt has been accepted by Kotapay (formerly InterceptEFT), you cannot delete or change the record.

To correct an error or adjust the payment amount:

  1. Choose Actions > Receipt & Adjustment Entry.
  2. Enter a Control Date and click the Adjustments tab.
  3. Enter the Date, Client ID, Type (Credit Card Return), and the Amount you need to refund to the client’s credit card. Enter the amount as a positive number.
  4. After you submit the information, the Credit Card dialog appears. Enter the necessary information and click OK to submit the credit card return to Kotapay.

After you save the credit card adjustment, Practice CS sends the refund request to Kotapay, and a status icon appears to the left of the receipt transaction: Accepted (Accepted), Pending (Pending), or Declined/Error (Declined, or Error). Right-click the icon and choose View Results for more information, or choose Resubmit Credit Card to try again.

ACH Return

Currently, there is not a way to return or reverse an ACH transaction in Practice CS. If the client needs a refund, you'll need to issue it yourself. If you need to adjust accounts receivable because of an incorrect or stuck ACH transaction, use a credit memo or debit memo.

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