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In Detail Billing, Time WIP Amount is the sum of all the client's time entries. Time Billed is the total amount your firm actually bills the client's time entries. When you enter an amount in the Billed field, the application automatically distributes the amount to all time entries based on the proportion of each time entry's amount to the total amount of all time entries.

Example Example

If the current client has two time entries with a Time WIP Amount of $650.00, and you enter a Time Billed Amount of $500.00, Practice CS distributes the bill amount as follows:

Time Entry Amount Billed
5 hours at $100/hour $500.00 $384.62
((500.00/650.00) x 500.00)
2 hours at $75/hour $150.00 $115.38
((150.00/650.00) x 500.00)

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