Working with integrated invoices

Alerts and notices

Practice CS enables you to integrate invoices from UltraTax CS, Accounting CS, and CSA for use in billing. These integrated invoices appear in Practice CS in the Integrated Invoices tab of the Billing screen.


Before you can use this integration feature, you must first complete some setup steps in each application.

Practice CS

In Practice CS, mark the Integrate this Firm with other solutions checkbox on the Preferences tab of the Firm setup screen. The Integrated Invoices tab of the Billing Screen is available only if you have marked this checkbox.

Note: This checkbox can only be marked for one firm database at a time.

UltraTax CS


Accounting CS

By default, the ability to export invoices to Practice CS is disabled. To enable the export functionality in Accounting CS, choose Setup > File Locations, click the CS Professional Suite tab, and specify the Practice CS data location for the application to save the exported invoices file.

See Exporting invoices to Practice CS in the Accounting CS help for instructions on how to integrate invoices from Accounting CS.


Note: For more information on exporting invoices from CSA to Practice CS, see Exporting invoices to Practice CS in the Help & How-To Center.

Accepting invoices

To accept invoices in Practice CS, open the Billing screen (Actions > Billing) and click the Integrated Invoices tab.

Allocating the invoice amount

When accepting invoices in the Integrated Invoices tab, you will need to determine how to allocate the invoice amount for each item. Mark the checkbox next to an invoice item and choose one of the four available allocation selections:

Linking to invoices

Mark the Create links to UltraTax CS invoices in FileCabinet CS checkbox to create a link to an invoice that you have printed to FileCabinet CS from UltraTax CS, and select the appropriate FileCabinet CS data path from the drop-down list. This link will appear on the Print Invoices & Statements screen of Practice CS.

Click the Accept Selected button to accept the selected invoices and move them to the Review tab.

Rejecting invoices

To reject invoices in the Integrated Invoices tab, select those invoices and click the Reject Selected button.

Error messages

Practice CS will return error messages if integrated invoices do not meet certain criteria. For example, if the client associated with an invoice forwarded from UltraTax CS does not match a client in Practice CS, you will be prompted to add that client to Practice CS before continuing.

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