What's New in Practice CS v.2014.2.2

Alerts and notices

Many of the enhancements that are available in this update are protected by security privileges. If your firm has enabled firm security, please evaluate all enhancements and update your security groups as needed.

Version 2014.2.2 of Practice CS includes the following enhancements.


Security privileges have been added to prevent staff from completing projects.


Individual and Spouse Date of Birth fields have been added to the Main tab of the Clients setup screen. These fields will share data with UltraTax CS.


Invoice notes can now be viewed in the Prior Invoices portlet on the Client Dashboard. You can use the Field Chooser to add the Invoice Notes column to the portlet.


  • Zero amount invoices can now be assigned to their own number sequence, so they do not use numbers in your regular invoice sequence range.
  • You can now override the invoice format when you generate recurring bills.
  • You can now filter invoices by amount.
  • Staff with security privileges to approve and post invoices can now edit invoices without unapproving and unposting them first.


  • Inactive clients with Left dates are now included in Edit Multiple Clients.
  • You can now select multiple engagements as the default engagements for new clients.

Time & expense entry

  • The focus will now remain in the current field if you type an invalid entry and choose not to add it.
  • A WIP transfer utility has been added to Time & Expense Entry.
  • The desktop timer now shows all running timers for all sheet dates in the same screen.
  • The warning regarding running timers now has the option to display all running timers.

Staff management

The Field Chooser for the staff pane on the Assignments tab of the Manage Staff screen now includes the following fields when Scheduled Date Range is selected.

  • Staff Target Hours
  • Staff Available Hours
  • Calendar Entries Remaining Hours


You can now expand and collapse the list of available reports in the Print Reports screen by section heading.

Custom formatting

You can now specify the page on which a page header should start printing on custom letters.

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