Practice CS: How to populate the list of UltraTax CS completion events in a project template

Alerts and notices

The Practice CS Project Management module includes a feature which allows you to specify an event in UltraTax CS which, when logged, automatically changes the Tracking Description on a project or task to Completed. For additional information on setting up and using this feature, see Setting up Completion and Extension Events on Projects and Tasks.

For this process to work correctly, the Completion Event entered in the project or task must match the event description in UltraTax CS exactly. To ensure the events match, you can populate the list of events from UltraTax CS to Practice CS by following the steps below.

To populate the Completion Event field on a project or task template with UltraTax CS events:

  1. In Practice CS, choose Setup > Firm.
  2. Click the Preferences tab and verify that the Integrate this Firm with other solutions checkbox is marked. If it is not marked, mark it and click the Enter button to save the change. 
  3. Open UltraTax CS.
  4. Choose File > Open Client and open any client.
  5. Log any event for the client by choosing Utilities > Client Status or pressing F5. For complete instructions, see Logging status events for a single client.
  6. Choose File > Close Client.
  7. In Practice CS, choose Setup > Templates > Projects.
  8. Select a project template and click the Edit button.
  9. In the Solution section, use the Select solution drop-down to choose UltraTax CS
  10. Use the Completion Event drop-down to verify that the status events in UltraTax CS now appear in the list of available items.
  11. To set the Completion Event for this project or task, select it from the list. 
  12. If desired, set an Extension event. The UltraTax events should be available in this list, as well. 

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