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Reported Date Category Reported Version Status Modified Date Fixed Version Synopsis
07/09/18 Platform N/A Notice 07/09/18


Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2 is ending

On July 9th, 2019 Microsoft will discontinue extended support of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2.

For more details, see the Discontinued support for Microsoft SQL Server 2008 help article.

06/25/18 Integration 2017.2.4 Open 06/25/18 TBD Payment confirmations made through NetClient CS may not flow into Practice CS

In some instances, payment confirmations may not flow from NetClient CS into Practice CS within Integrated Receipts. Kotapay (formally InterceptEFT) typically shows the payment as processed; however, the payment is not importing into Practice CS. In some instances, users are also not getting a confirmation email that payment has been made.

It is important to first verify payment has been processed for import into Practice CS. If you have confirmed no pending transactions, you will need to manually enter receipt of that payment. You may contact Kotapay (formally InterceptEFT) or Practice CS Support to obtain payment confirmation information.

TFS #1461457 has been linked to the DMS/Web TFS item - # 1462066. Platform Analysts and Practice Development are investigating this issue at this time. No ETA has been provided.

TFS 1461457

06/04/18 Update 2017.2.4 Notice 06/05/18


Practice CS update to 2017.2.4

Practice CS was updated to version 2017.2.4 in Virtual Office on Monday, June 4th. The plan is currently to make this available as a CS Connect update for local/network firms to install sometime on Tuesday, June 5th.

In this update, there was nothing on the front end of the program that was changed. Instead, this was related to security for the program to use TLS 1.2 whenever connecting to our web servers. TLS is a secure protocol for encrypting and transmitting data. For this to work, we had to update Practice CS to use .NET 4.5, so if any users don’t have the version of .NET framework installed already, this update will install that. This article is going to be handy to have around starting Tuesday:

.NET Framework and Visual C++ Considerations for CS Professional Suite

If you have any questions, or notice any issues with this update, please work with the CF.

05/29/18 Platform N/A Verified 05/29/18 N/A "Unable to verify profile" error when enabling MFA

After clicking on the My Profile section of our website, some users may receive a similar error message. The error typically reads “Unable to verify profile”. The MFA Troubleshooting article provides steps you can and our users can take to resolve this issue.

The ideal resolution is the user logs in to our website, receives the MFA popup message after entering their email and password, and clicks Set Up Now to enable MFA for their account. Do not direct non-Onvio users receiving this error to to resolve this issue, even in cases for the MFA popup was previously snoozed. This previously suggested workaround can cause issues with the data on the backend when enabling MFA in this way.

Multiple accounts for our website (Thomson Reuters IDs) can also be the cause of this issue. Use EMS to check for this. To do so, follow the internal steps provided for this error message in the MFA troubleshooting article.

05/23/18 Platform N/A Fixed 05/25/18


Amazon Fire 7 tablets do support MFA

Prior to May 25, 2018 the Thomson Reuters Authenticator mobile app may have been unavailable for installation for some Amazon Fire 7 tablets. During this time users may receive a "Your device isn't compatible with this version" message, or not have access to the download feature when attempting to install the app on their device.

This issue is resolved and Amazon has re-opened the app for installation on these devices.

05/01/18 N/A N/A Notice 05/01/18


Kotapay replacing InterceptEFT questions

When a customer asks about Kotapay replacing InterceptEFT, refer them to the letter InterceptEFT sent them.

Note: The letter from InterceptEFT contains the contact information. If they do not have their letter, have them contact general InterceptEFT support.

12/15/17 Integration 2017.2.2 Verified 12/15/17 TBD Invoices not uploading to GoFileRoom

In some cases, Practice will freeze when uploading invoice to GoFileRoom. For those on Practice version 2016.2.7 or earlier, this seems to appear on the first or second invoice when sending multiple invoices. For users on version 2017.2.2, the program does not freeze, invoices appeared to go to GoFileRoom but did not. In those cases, repopulating the Invoice and Statements indexing dialog and mapping item again resolved the issue.

This issue does appear to be intermittent for invoices that are properly indexed to upload.

Our development staff is aware of this issue and is working to resolve.

Workaround: If this does become an issue for your firm, you can make the following changes in your network installation setup. We recommend that these changes be made in consultation with your IT professional -

1. Identify where your Practice CS Shared files are on your network

a. On a local installation, the default location for this is C:\WINCSI\Practice CS\

2. Open the NetworkInstallation.ini file in Notepad

3. In the section labeled [appsettings] add the following line:

a. GoFileRoomUrl=

4. Save and close the NetworkInstallation.ini file

5. Have users close/reopen Practice and test uploading invoices to GoFileRoom.

12/4/17 All N/A Notice 12/4/17


How to access your CPE Certificate(s)

Did you know you can view or download your CPE Certificates for Thomson Reuters courses by logging in to your CS Web Account? For instructions, see Obtaining your CPE Certificate(s) via the My Account page.

11/28/17 All N/A Notice 11/28/17


Firm Delegate and license PIN

For security reasons only a firm's licensee has access to make changes to the firm's phone number, address, name or license PIN. The firm Delegate role is not an option that can be assigned for firm's in the absence of the Licensee. This role is only available to firm's whose applications are licensed to the firm, and only certain firm types qualify to licensee their applications in this way. For details about the new delegate roles see, Modifying the firm delegate role. For details about firm types, see Internal: Firm types.

If a firm is requesting this role be assigned to an individual at their firm, please transfer these calls to Customer Service to review and determine if they qualify. Because the firm's licensing type determines wether they need to have an individual assigned to this role, in most cases if there is a Licensee assigned this will not be possible.

10/25/17 All N/A Notice 10/25/17


Action required - update your CS Professional Suite license PIN

New for 2017, the license PIN you use for your CS Professional Suite applications cannot match your firm's ZIP code. If your license PIN matches your ZIP code, your firm's designated Licensee or Delegate must update it to a secure PIN. For details, see Managing your license PIN.

This update is required before you can successfully download and install the appropriate licenses to your programs. If you have received a "Firm ID and PIN do not match our records" error message, contact your firm's licensee to obtain the correct PIN. For additional details about this error message, see License download failed: firm ID and PIN do not match our records.

11/02/17 Platform N/A Notice 11/02/17


Change to using the EMS Migration support tool

With the November 2, 2017 , Onvio release you must now use Chrome with the SwitchySharp plug-in installed for access to any of the support tools.The EMS Migration support tool page will not load successfully without the plug-in installed or if you attempt to use an unsupported browser such as Internet Explorer. For details about the EMS Migration support tool, see Internal: Using the EMS Migration Support tool.

For SwitchySharp installation instructions, see Onvio Tools SwitchySharp rules. You will need to complete the installation, configuration, and enable proxy steps found on this page for proper setup of the SwitchySharp plug-in.

Note: During the configuration process you will need to create some new rules for SwitchySharp. Before creating new rules, after entering the Proxy Profile information you will need to click Save for the AWS Connectivity option to appear in the Proxy Profile drop-down menu.

10/17/17 Updates N/A Notice 10/17/17


Questions about fewer updates and enhancements

Users may notice fewer enhancements in the recent releases of Practice CS. Always review the user bulletins, as our development team is committed to continued work on Practice CS to make sure it always meets our firm’s needs. Practice CS is a mature, highly rated product, and as such, the need for enhancements has slowed. Below is an internal article from our Help and How To Center that offers positioning and direction if a user inquires on the future of Practice CS:

Internal: Practice CS Maintenance Mode Positioning Statements

Please note, the phrase “Maintenance Mode” is an internal designation and we want to avoid using that terminology with users who would not fully understand its connotation.

03/06/17 Security N/A Notice 03/6/17


Firm security – contacting the Incident Management group

When customers tell us that they were compromised, their identity was hacked, they’ve had a security breach, or any other indication that their information has been compromised, it is important to share this. Send any information you receive via email to Support - Incident Management. This team reviews that information to ensure old EFIN numbers are blocked, and takes necessary steps behind the scenes to make sure any compromised information cannot be used maliciously.

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