Entering comments during data entry

Alerts and notices

Use the Comment dialog to enter an optional comment for a line item within a data grid, such as those in Time & Expense Entry or Receipt & Adjustment entry. These comments can be included on invoices and reports. You can also insert blocks of standard text into a comment, insert variable dates, and check your spelling.

  1. To open the Comment dialog, click the comment Comment button button next to a Comment field. Alternately, you can begin typing a comment in the field. When the entry becomes too long for the field, the Comment dialog opens automatically to enable you to continue typing.
  2. Enter text in the free text field as needed.
    • To insert a block of standard text, click the down arrow down arrow button button next to the Standard text field and make a selection from the list. For information on setting up standard text items, see the Setting up standard text.
    • To insert a variable date (such as Period End Date or Invoice Date) into the comment, click the Insert Variable Date Insert Variable Date button button. You can also choose the date format (for example, mm/dd/yyyy or yyyy).
    • To check the spelling of the comment text, click the Check Spelling button.
  3. Click OK to save your comments and return to the entry grid.

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