Custom letters overview

Alerts and notices

Practice CS enables you to create custom letters that you can send to your clients, contacts, staff, offices, or others. Using the Custom Formats screen, you can format these letters to meet your needs, add a logo or other graphics, and print addresses and other information automatically using information from your database.

Types of letters

When you create a new custom letter, you must select the type of letter: Client, Contact, Firm, Office, or Staff. This selection determines the subset of contacts to whom you can automatically address the letter, and also determines which fields you can select from the Fields pane for inclusion on the letter.

If you choose to email letters to recipients, the letters will be emailed as attachments using the primary email addresses entered on the Contact Info tab on the relevant setup screen. See Emailing letters and labels for more information.

Creating and modifying letters

In many cases, you will merely need to copy an existing letter format and edit the text of the letter before selecting recipients and printing or emailing. For more information on creating and customizing letters, see the following topics:

Note: You can use the Print On Pages attribute in the Properties pane to specify whether the page header should print on all pages of a letter, or not print on pages that feature the report header.

You may also want to search the Practice CS Library portlet for letter formats that you can customize for your firm’s needs.

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