Managing projects

Alerts and notices

The Manage Projects screen provides a central location where you can view and update projects and tasks for all of your clients. You can filter and sort the list to more easily find the projects and tasks you want to work with, and click the Field Chooser Field Chooser button button to select which fields to display or hide in the screen.

To open the Manage Projects screen, choose Actions > Manage Projects.


  • This screen is available only if you are licensed for the Project Management module.
  • The Manage Projects screen is a user-defined terminology screen. Your firm may refer to projects by a different name. You can view the default names for user-defined items by choosing Help > Enable Default Terminology (or by pressing CTRL+Shift+H).

Updating projects and tasks

If you have the appropriate security privileges, you can use the Projects tab and Project Tasks tab to update project and task information.

Note: If you do not have security privileges, the information on these tabs is read-only.

Projects tab

Right-click a project or task in the grid and choose from the context menu to edit or delete it. From the context menu you can:


  • You cannot delete projects that are already assigned to sheet entries.
  • You can edit multiple project records at once. Hold down the SHIFT or CTRL key and select the projects you want to edit, then right-click and choose Edit Selected Projects from the context menu.

Project Tasks tab

Right-click the task grid and choose Edit Task or Delete Task from the context menu.

Note: You can edit multiple tasks at once. Hold down the SHIFT or CTRL key and select the tasks you want to edit, then right-click and choose Edit Selected Tasks from the context menu.


If you have selected a solution for a project and/or task, you can click the solution's icon in the grid to launch the application. You also have the option to start the Practice CS desktop timer whenever you launch a solution by marking the Start Timer for Projects checkbox in User Preferences (Setup > User Preferences > Time & Expense Entry tab) so that you can track time spent on the project or task.

Sorting and filtering project and task information

In the Manage Projects screen, you can sort and group the grids to quickly find the information you need, and use the Filter and Search fields to narrow down the list of information even further.