Accounts Receivable Applications report

Alerts and notices

The Accounts Receivable Applications report shows debits and credits that have been applied to invoices and when the applications occurred.

To view and print the Accounts Receivable Applications report, choose File > Print Reports. In the Print Reports screen, click Accounts Receivable Applications in the available reports pane and then click the Select button.

You can view the report from both a debit (invoices, service charges, debit memos) and a credit (cash, check, credit memos, write-offs) perspective. On the Layout tab, select either Debit items or Credit items from the Applied to drop-down list. The default for the report is Debit items.

Like many other Practice CS reports, this report has drill-down capabilities. For example, when you click an invoice in the report preview, you will drill down to the Summary tab in Detail Billing. When you click a receipt or write-off, you will drill down to either the Receipts or the Adjustments tab in the Receipt & and Adjustment Entry screen.

This report includes the following information for the date range that you specify:

Important security note