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If you are licensed for the Staff Management module, you can use the Assignments tab of the Manage Staff screen to rank schedule items for the order in which staff should complete them. These rankings then appear in the Schedule Items portlet on the Staff Dashboard.

Note: To rank schedule items, you must be in Tiles view.

To rank schedule items, follow these steps.

  1. Choose Actions > Manage Staff.
  2. Click the Assignments tab.
  3. Click the View button and choose Tiles from the drop-down menu.
  4. If necessary, select a staff member to view their assignments.
  5. Right-click a schedule item and choose one of the rankings from the context menu. After at least one item is ranked, you can rank other items by dragging them onto a ranked item, or continue to rank them using the context menu.

    Note: To remove a ranking, right-click the item and choose Clear Rank.

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