Marginal Tax Rate - 2017 Calculator

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This calculator uses the tax rate schedule, as well as the effect of phase-outs, to determine a taxpayer's federal marginal tax rate for a specified tax year.

Note: This calculator does not consider other taxes, such as the effect of alternative minimum tax or capital gains tax.


If your clients have an AGI of $115,000, are married and filing jointly, and have two children, what is their marginal tax rate?

Field Input
Filing status Married Filing Joint
Adjusted gross income $115,000
Exemptions 4
Qualifying dependents for child credit 2

In this example, your clients' marginal tax rate is 30%. This percentage does not match the tax rate schedules of 25% because the child tax credit is being phased out. This makes the effective tax rate higher than the rate shown on the tax rate schedule.

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