Acquiring PRP authorization codes

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A PRP authorization code is a six-digit number, entered in the UltraTax CS New Client or Client Properties dialog, that enables you to print a return for which you have licensed on a per-return basis. A PRP code is required only to print the return. You pay a fee once for each client whose return you print using a PRP license. Once you receive an authorization code, you can modify and reprint the same return as often as needed at no additional cost.

Example: Your California firm has two clients who need 1040 Oregon returns. You can purchase PRP licenses for those two clients rather than purchasing a full license for UltraTax/1040-OR.

Users who access UltraTax CS via Virtual Office CS simply need to activate their PRP license before they can print a PRP return. For information, see Activating UltraTax CS PRP licenses in Virtual Office CS.

You can use CS Connect to register any PRP client if you have a positive balance or credit card on file. When you provide your client's taxpayer identification number (TIN), we provide you with the six-digit code. To manage your payment options, visit our website, click My Account, and then click My Orders & Payments.

  1. If you have not already done so, install the application. For more information, see Installing and maintaining your application and data.
  2. Enter the client's Taxpayer Information Number (TIN) in the UltraTax CS New Client or Properties dialog. For 1040 clients, the TIN is the client's Social Security number; for all other clients, the TIN is the client's employer identification number.

    Note: You cannot use CS Connect to make PRP requests for clients without a TIN. If you have Amish, Foreign US, or W7 attached as the TIN, call CS Customer Service at 800-968-0600, then listen to the options available before pressing the number to speak with a representative to obtain a PRP authorization code using the applied-for TIN. You will incur a small fee when you call CS Customer Service to receive the code.

  3. Open CS Connect, verify that the Per Return Pricing: ($) Acquire PRP authorizations checkbox is marked, click the PRP tab to view your queued requests, and then click Call Now to receive a PRP authorization code for each client's return that you want to license on a per-return basis. Alternatively, you can call a CS Customer Service representative to receive the code.

    Note: This checkbox will only be available if there are pending PRP or preparer block requests. Click here for information on how UltraTax CS recognizes that you need a PRP authorization code.

    Note: Proforma'd PRP clients appear in the PRP requests not queued for retrieval pane of the PRP tab. To process these requests, highlight the client's returns that you want to license and click the Select or Select All button to move them to the PRP requests queued for retrieval on next call pane.

  4. If you received the PRP code via CS Connect, the code displays automatically in the File > New Client dialog (when adding the client) or the File > Client Properties dialog (when modifying an existing client) the next time the client is opened. Now that you have an authorization code, you can print the same return as often as needed.

    Note: If you call CS Customer Service at 800-968-0600 to receive the PRP code, you will incur a small fee and you must manually enter the code in the File > New Client dialog or in the File > Client Properties dialog.

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