1040 - US ELF: Error Code F1040-034-01

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F1040-034-01: Form 1040, Line 61 'WithholdingTaxAmt' must be equal to the sum of the following: (1) all 'WithholdingAmt' for which 'WithholdingCd' has the value 'FORM 1099' or 'SCH K-1' in [OtherWithholdingStatement] attached to Form 1040, Line 62 and (2) all of the Forms W-2, Line 2 'WithholdingAmt' and (3) all of the Forms W-2G, Line 2 'FederalIncomeTaxWithheldAmt'. When evaluating this a tolerance of $5 is allowed.


IRS will reject a return if the total income tax withheld does not tie out to the amounts above.

Also, a return where 'third party sick pay' is entered in Box 12 of W-2 that has no income in Box 1 will be rejected with this error. (Any W-2 with no amount in Box 1 is rejected.) There is no diagnostic in this case, and the return will pass ELF error checking. The only solution/workaround is to paper file the return.

In Screen ELF, enter F1040-034-01 in the IRS error reject code field in the Form 8948 - Paper Filing Exceptions section.


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