Screen NEGen - Nebraska Partnership Return (1065)

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Use this screen to complete Form 1065N, Nebraska Partnership Return of Income and Schedule II, Nonresident or Corporate Partner's Share of Nebraska Income. If information transferred from UltraTax/1065 does not require additional data or coding, UltraTax/1065-NE shows it on the form only, not in the input screen.

See also: Processing 1065 Nebraska returns

Federal-to-state input screen and asset module data transfer

If information is transferred from federal input screens or from the asset module to a state input screen, UltraTax CS displays the transferred data in blue, for example: Field showing transferred data.

If necessary, you can overrule the transferred amount by entering the appropriate amount in the field. UltraTax CS then displays the new amount in black.

  • When you overrule a transferred amount, UltraTax CS does not overwrite that amount with subsequent federal-to-state or asset module data transfers.
  • To delete the overruled amount and restore the original transferred amount, right-click the field and choose Delete overrule or simply enter the original amount in the field.
  • To confirm the accuracy of the overruled amount, right-click the field and choose Acknowledge overruled data. UltraTax CS then disables the acknowledge functionality from the right-click menu. To restore the original amount later, you will need to enter it manually.
  • If desired, you can set a user preference to mark fields for which you overruled the transferred amounts and to list all overruled amounts in the Diagnostics window.

Statement dialogs

Many data entry fields provide predefined statement dialogs in which you can enter additional information. For additional information, see Statements overview.

Accessing frequently asked questions

To view answers to common questions about calculations and data entry issues, choose Help > Additional Resources > Frequently Asked Questions. For details, see Accessing frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Special allocations

Click the Ptr Alloc button next to the appropriate field to specially allocate items to partners using ratios that are different from the profit / loss ratios. For details, see Entering special allocations (1065).

Statement special allocations

You may allocate statement items separately to partners directly in the statements. The statement items are printed separately for each partner on an item-by-item basis. For details, see Partner Data Entry > Special Allocation dialog.


Apportionment information is entered in one place for all states attached to the return. To enter apportionment information for all states, choose View > Apportionment. For details, see Entering 1065 apportionment data for state returns.

General Information

Use this section to complete the general information on Form 1065N.

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