Creating batch 1040 electronic extensions

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If extension information is not entered in the Extension Information section in Screen ELF and/or Ext, UltraTax CS automatically completes the following fields after creating electronic extensions.

Note: UltraTax CS supports electronically filed extensions for Arizona, District of Columbia, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Tennessee, and Texas.

To create a batch of electronic extensions without opening each client individually, complete these steps.

  1. Choose File > Print Extensions to open the Print Extensions dialog.

    Note: You cannot create an electronic file by clicking the Print Preview button on the UltraTax CS toolbar.

  2. Mark the Create electronic file checkbox.
  3. Click the Clients button to create electronic files for multiple clients.
  4. Highlight the clients you want to file electronically, and then click the Select button.

    Note: If a client is open by another user on the network, it will not be in the list of clients to select, and will not be processed.

  5. Click OK.
  6. Click the Options button, click the Extension Print Options tab, and click the appropriate option in the Which group box.
  7. Click OK to return to the Print Extensions dialog.
  8. Click the E-File button. (Note that the button name changes depending on the checkboxes you have marked.) Electronic extension returns are created for all designated client returns that did not have errors in the E-File Error Report.

    Note: If the E-File Error Report shows errors are present, UltraTax CS will not create the electronic extension return until all errors are resolved. For information about resolving electronic filing extension errors and rejections, see the E-File Help Center > Resolving E-File Errors > 1040 Individual page.

  9. Follow the normal procedures to transmit the electronic returns using CS Connect


  • You cannot file an extension electronically without completing the PIN data entry unless you are filing Form 4868 without an Electronic Funds Withdrawal (direct debit).
  • To request an electronic funds withdrawal to pay a balance due extension, complete the appropriate fields in the Extension Information section. Also, complete the primary bank account information in Screen Bank in the General folder.
  • To access global extension options, choose Setup > 1040 Individual, click the Federal tab, and click the Extensions button. These options include setting correspondence addresses, printing the preparer's name on Form 4868, and including the projected estimated tax penalty in the balance due on extension for federal and state returns.

For more information about transmitting returns using Thomson Reuters as the electronic filing transmitter, see Configuring UltraTax CS to use Thomson Reuters as your electronic filing transmitter.

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