1065-US ELF: Electronic filing FAQs

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The following includes answers to common questions about electronic filing.


Do I need to file an application to file returns electronically?

How many years of returns does the IRS support for electronic filing?

How do I electronically file Form 8865?

How is the name control determined?

Which IRS publications should I review for UltraTax/1065 partnership return electronic filing?

How do I sign a return that is being filed electronically?

Which UltraTax/1065 forms are not included in the partnership return electronic file?

Which UltraTax/1065 worksheets are not included in the partnership return electronic file?

Is the Partner Schedule K-1 Activity Worksheet included in the partnership return electronic file?

Can I electronically file Form 8804?

What do RET, EXT, and EXF indicate in CS Connect and in the Electronic Filing Status dialog?

How does UltraTax CS warn against entering data in a return after the return's electronic file has been created and is ready for transmission?

FinCEN Form 114, Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBAR)

How do I extend FinCEN Form 114 (FBAR)?

Do I need to register with the BSA E-File System to file FBAR / FinCEN Form 114 through UltraTax CS?

How do I suppress the FinCEN Form 114 (FBAR) electronic file?

Can prior-year FinCEN Forms 114 be electronically filed using UltraTax CS?

Data entry

I am electronically filing a return, but I am not a paid preparer. (The return was either prepared by another preparer, or the return was prepared by a client.) How do I indicate in the electronic file and the electronic file signature documents that I am just the Electronic Return Originator (ERO)?


Can I electronically file 1065 extensions?

How do I create a batch of electronic extensions?

Common error codes

Why am I getting IRS error code R0000-905-01?

Payments and refunds

If I have a balance due, what payment options are available for electronic filing?

PDF attachments

Which forms can I attach as a PDF file to the partnership return electronic file?

How do I attach a Portable Document Format (PDF) file to the partnership return electronic file?

How do I attach a Form 8865 electronic file to the filer's return?


For which states does UltraTax/1065 offer electronic filing?

Do states have electronic filing application requirements?

Previously filed returns

Can I electronically file an amended partnership return?

What should I do if I have electronically transmitted a return within the last 24 to 48 hours and have not yet received an acknowledgment from the IRS?

How many days do I have to resubmit an electronically filed return or extension if the return or extension was rejected by the IRS?

What do I need to consider when resubmitting an electronically filed return or extension?

Foreign partners / partnerships

How do I enter foreign partner information?

How do I enter a foreign partnership address?

For additional information about electronic filing, see UltraTax/1065 electronic filing overview.

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