1120-US: Amending other corporation returns (FAQ)

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How do I amend other corporation returns


To amend all other corporate returns, go to the Separate Filings folder, open the applicable Screen Amend, and enter X in the Transfer original information field if the original return was prepared in UltraTax CS and a reason for the amended return in the statement dialog for the Explanation of changes field. UltraTax CS marks the Amended return checkbox on the respective form and prints a statement for the reason for the amended return.


  • Select the applicable state(s) from the Transfer state(s)? dialog if you are also amending the state return(s).
  • If the fields in the Amounts As Previously Reported section are not completed after you enter X in the Transfer original information field, you need to preview the return before proceeding. Clear the Transfer original information field and choose File > Preview. Once you finish previewing the return, close the print preview and enter X in the Transfer original information field to transfer the information.

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