Printing Schedule K-1 instructions (1120)

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To print Schedule K-1 instructions in the shareholder package for shareholders that are marked as a 1040 client, perform the following steps.

  1. Choose Setup > 1120 Corporation.
  2. In the Federal tab, click the Other Return Options button.
  3. In the Return Presentation tab, mark the Print Schedule K-1 instructions when shareholder is a 1040 client (S Corp) checkbox.


  • If this checkbox is not marked, UltraTax CS will not print the Schedule K-1 instructions for shareholders that are marked as a 1040 client.
  • The print condition for the Shareholder Package needs to be marked As Required in the Preparer colation to get the Shareholders' Schedule K-1 to print.
  • The print conditions for the Schedule K-1 instructions need to be marked As Required in the Government collation of the Shareholder Package.
  • This option does not affect the printing of the Schedule K-1 instructions for shareholders who are not 1040 clients.

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