990-US: Calculating and printing Form 990-T (FAQ)

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When does UltraTax CS calculate and print Form 990-T?


If you enter income on Screen Income, IncomePF, Event, Event-2, Event-3, Event-4, EventPF, Even-2PF, Rent, or Rent-2 and identify the income as an unrelated business activity by entering one of the unrelated business codes, the amount appears on Form 990-T. If the sum of the unrelated income amounts (Form 990-T, Page 1, column A, line 13) is greater than or equal to $1,000 or the current-year overpayment (Form 990-T, Part IV, line 48) is at least $1, UltraTax CS calculates and prints the form.

For a section 501(c)(4), 501(c)(5), or 501(c)(6) organization subject to the proxy tax due to lobbying activities, UltraTax CS prints the calculated (or force entered on Screen 990T) amount on Form 990-T, Part III. Form 990-T prints if proxy tax is due.

If claiming a refund of backup withholding erroneously withheld, and the amount of withholding is entered on Screen 990T, UltraTax CS calculates the refund and Form 990-T is printed.

Finally, form 990-T can be forced to print in the event it needs to be reviewed by the preparer or client. For 990, this option is found on Screen OthInfo in the General folder. For 990-PF, it is located on Screen 990-PF.

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