990-US: Entering officer information (FAQ)

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Where do I enter officer information for Forms 990/990-EZ/990-N/990-PF?


Officer data entry is provided in the Officer Information window. To input the officer’s name, title, position, address, amounts contributed, and other information necessary to complete the return, click the Contributor / Officer Contributor / Officer button button on the toolbar and choose Officer Information from the drop-down list or choose View > Contributor / Officer > Officer Information.

You also use this window to complete key employee and highest compensated employees information (see the Position group box in the Officer Information tab).

Review the Contact group box on the Officer Information tab to specify if the officer is a tax return signer or the principal officer of the organization (when filing Form 990/990-EZ or 990-N). When one of these selections is made, the review area will show this designation in the Signature column.


  • There are no default assumptions for the organization’s principal and signing officer. Even if only one officer exists, each role must be specified.
  • In the event that the signing officer is not an officer during the tax year, complete the officer’s name and title and mark the officer as signing officer. If no position is chosen in the Position group box, the officer’s name will not appear in the tax year’s listing of officers.

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