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Effective May 3rd, the 2017 version of UltraTax CS requires multi-factor authentication (MFA) to transmit e-files from CS Connect. Find out more.

Use the Asset Import tabs to import asset information from the Fixed Assets Inventory module or from UltraTax/1040 Web Client Organizer, or to modify association values for assets that were disposed during the prior year.

The Asset Import tabs appear at the bottom of the Asset List window if asset data is available to import from the Fixed Assets Inventory module or UltraTax/1040 Web Client Organizer. The tabs that appear vary depending on the activity that is selected in the folders block.

Note: The Prior Year Disposals/Transfers tab appears for clients with assets that were disposed during the prior year if the Display prior year disposals/transfers that occurred during the personal property assessment period ending checkbox is marked in the Setup > Options > Asset List tab.

You may see up to three Asset Import tabs at one time. See the following descriptions about each tab, including details about accepting, discarding, or modifying information in each tab.

Note: After you accept or discard all data in a tab, that tab no longer appears.

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