1040-US: Schedule A loss with Form 1099-R, Code Q not reducing basis

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Why aren’t the IRA distributions from Form 1099-R reducing the basis on Form 8606 - Nondeductible IRAs?


When box 7 of Form 1099-R contains code Q, it indicates a qualified distribution; therefore, this distribution is not reported on Form 8606, which reports nonqualified distributions. Because the qualified distribution is not included in the Form 8606 calculations, it does not reduce basis.

When the Total distribution received on all Roth IRAs field in Screen IRA is marked, the difference of the following calculates: Distribution reported on 1099-R and basis entered in the Roth IRA contribution basis on 12/31/16 field. When the amount of basis is larger than the distribution on Form 1099-R, the loss is reported on Schedule A.

When box 7 of Form 1099-R contains code Q, Schedule A reports the full distribution as a loss because the distribution is not reported on 8606 to net against the basis.

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