1040-US: Allocating federal amounts to states via the state allocation spreadsheet

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How do I allocate federal amounts to the applicable states displayed in the State allocation spreadsheet?


Two methods (percentage or amount) of allocation can be used to allocate federal amounts to the applicable states displayed in the State allocation spreadsheet.

Note: Amount fields applicable to one state may not be applicable to another state. Those amount fields that do not apply to a particular state have been disabled (shaded). Amounts fields that are not shaded are considered enabled for the applicable state.

Percentage: Enter a percentage in XXX.XX format in the first field available on the State allocation spreadsheet. Select the state to which this percentage applies from the drop-down list. Click the Apply button. UltraTax CS will automatically calculate the amounts attributable to that state and display the amounts in the spreadsheet. The percentage entered for that particular state will appear below the state name for easy reference. If enabled, individual item amounts can be changed (overwritten) on the spreadsheet from the application-calculated amount.

Amount: In cases where a percentage of the federal amounts do not apply, individual item amounts, if enabled, may be entered on the spreadsheet for the applicable state. Zero (0) is a valid entry and will prevent the state amount from defaulting to the federal calculated amount. If an individual item amount field is left blank, the federal amount, if present will be used in the state's calculation.

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