1040-US: Freezing estimated tax payment amounts when amending a return after the original due date

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How can I "freeze" estimates when amending a return after the original due date?


To prevent the estimated payments from recalculating with the extension, follow these steps prior to making any changes to the return:

  1. Use Screen Amend in the Separate Filings folder.
  2. Enter X in the Transfer original 1040-ES information field to auto-fill the original estimate and direct debit amounts.
  3. Enter X in the Do not recalculate estimate tax payments field to prevent recalculation of the estimated payments or direct debit amounts based on changes made to the return.


  • The 1040-ES vouchers and estimated tax filing instructions will not print.
  • The estimated tax amounts from Screen Amend, 1st payment through 4th payment fields in the Originally calculated column proforma to the next year.

For more information, see IRS Publication 505, chapter 4 for details of the required annual payment for an amended return.

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