1040 California frequently asked questions

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MFA required for electronic filing

Effective May 3rd, the 2017 version of UltraTax CS requires multi-factor authentication (MFA) to transmit e-files from CS Connect. Find out more.

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Residency status

2D Barcode



Adjusting income of a business, farm, or rental for state law differences or California source allocations

Allocating income for California part-year residents or nonresidents

Nonresident wage exclusion

Wash sales

Amended Returns

Schedule X / Amending returns

AMT - Schedule P - Adjustments, preferences, and exclusions

Adjustments, preferences and taxable income from trade or business activities excluded on Schedule P

Aggregate Gross Receipts (Schedule P) Calculation

Data entry for AMT depreciation for California


Adoption credit (nonrefundable)

Earned Income Credit (refundable)

Enterprise Zone Credit (nonrefundable)

Renter’s Credit (nonrefundable)

SDI - Credit for Excess SDI/VDPI Withholding (refundable)

e-Pay Mandate


Electronic filing

Electronic filing - California forms

Business Rule errors vs. Schema Failure errors

Forms included in the Electronic Record

Extension Payment - Electronic Funds Withdrawal

Estimate Payment - Electronic Funds Withdrawal

Electronic filing business rules and resolutions

Electronic filing schema failures and resolutions

Federal Attachment - E-file Rejections

Federal attachment - Overview

PDF Attachments

Form 3504 - Enrolled Tribal Member Certification

Preparer E-File Requirements

Signature - Form 8879 vs. Form 8453 (Using or Suppressing Taxpayer PIN)

Signature (Electronic Extension Payment) - Form 8879PMT vs. Form 8453PMT (Using or Suppressing Taxpayer PIN)

State electronic filing guide


Preparing the extension payment

Like-Kind Exchanges

Like-kind exchanges, Form 3840

LLC - Form 568, Limited Liability Company Return of Income

Completing Form 568, Limited Liability Company Return of Income

Net operating loss

Current year net operating loss

Current year loss - Carryback to prior years

Prior year net operating loss applied to the current year income

Registered Domestic Partner

Processing California Registered Domestic Partner Returns

Proforma carryover information from an RDP Return

Using Filing Status Optimization utility to separate a Domestic Partner return


California withholding overview

Data entry for California withholding overview

Data entry required at the state level (California screens) for Form 592-B and Form 593 withholding

Data entry required at the state level (California screens) for California withholding attributable to miscellaneous forms other than 592-b or Form 593, such as 1099-B, 1099-DIV, 1099-G, 1099-MISC, etc.

Data entry required at the state level (California screens) for California withholding attributable to Schedule K-1

Other Scenarios

Schedule W-2 (paper-filing only)

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