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UltraTax CS Business Organizer allows you to create professional organizer packages for your clients. If you are licensed for UltraTax CS/1120, 1065, 1041, or 990, the Business Organizer is automatically installed.

Business Organizer delivery methods

The Email and Web Business Organizer features enable you to send organizers to your clients from any MAPI-compliant email application or through a personalized private web portal. A portal is a secure environment that has a unique password to control access.

To learn more about each type of Business Organizer, see the appropriate overview topic.

Setting options for 1120, 1065, 1041, and 990 clients

Before you begin processing Business Organizers, you may want to set the following options for all clients and/or for new clients.

Business Organizer process overview

The following list describes each step in the Business Organizer process. Click the links below for details.

Step 1: Adding new clients

Step 2: Determining Business Organizer content

Step 3: Specifying Business Organizer delivery preferences

Step 4: Printing Business Organizers

Step 5: Entering Business Organizer data

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