Resolving "orphaned" input screens

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When converting client data from another tax preparation application, UltraTax CS occasionally encounters multiple-unit input screens that are not associated with a defined activity folder. When you open the client, an error message appears asking you to resolve the issue and informs you that the "orphaned" input screens have been placed in the Orphaned folder in the folders block.

To resolve orphaned input screens:

  1. Open the appropriate client.
  2. Click OK to close the error message regarding orphaned input screens and access the client's input screens.
  3. In the folders block, click the Orphaned folder. Each input screen unit that is not associated with a defined activity folder is represented by an input screen tab.
  4. For the first orphaned input screen, complete one of the following tasks.
    • To delete the input screen, select Delete Screen Data from the Edit menu.


    • To assign the input screen to an existing activity, select the appropriate activity and unit number from the Form and Unit# fields, respectively.
  5. Repeat step 4 for each orphaned input screen.
  6. Close and then reopen the client. You should not get the error message again and the Orphaned folder should not appear in the folders block.

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