Resolving E-File Errors

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General error code information

Checking for errors in the electronic file before transmission

Correcting errors in the electronic file

E-file time stamp

FinCEN Form 114 (FBAR) reject descriptions

Form 8948 paper filing exception

Master file rejections

Resources for troubleshooting error codes and reject codes / business rules

Viewing the taxing authority's reject codes / business rules for electronic returns

Federal rejections

Click a link to view relevant error code information.

CSUS errors

F1040 errors

F1040A errors

F1040EZ errors

F1040SSPR errors

F1099 errors

F1116 - F9465 errors

FPYMT errors

FW2 errors

IND errors

R0000 errors

SA, SB, SC, SE, SEIC, and SH errors

X0000 errors

Schema failures

Click a link to view relevant error code information.

1040-US ELF: Schema Failed - Schedule A, Line 28 Other Expenses

State information and rejections

State Electronic Filing Guide

All states: STATE-903

Texas: 3592 / 3593

For additional electronic filing information, see the following topics.

E-File Help Center E-File Help Center

Internal notes

For viewing overrides in e-files: When you pull up a return on connect, you can click the TIN and then click the link to display overrides.

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