1040-US ELF: Error Code F1040-034-05

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Error Code F1040-034-05:  Form 1040, Line 64 'WithholdingTaxAmt' must be equal to the sum of the following: [(1) all 'WithholdingAmt' for which 'WithholdingCd' has the value 'FORM 1099' in [OtherWithholdingStatement] attached to Form 1040, Line 64 and (2) all of the Forms W-2, Line 2 'WithholdingAmt' and (3) all of the Forms W-2G, Line 2 'FederalIncomeTaxWithheldAmt' and (4) Form 8959, Line 24 'AddlMedcrRRTTaxWithholdingAmt' and (5) 'TotalAmt' from [BackupWhSchedulesK1Statement]] unless Form 8958 is present in the return. When evaluating this, a tolerance of $5.00 is allowed.

Verify that Form 1040, line 64 equals the sum of the above-mentioned items and that there are no overrides on Form 1040, line 64. To verify there are no overrides, press CTRL+D to open the Federal diagnostics window; if there is an Overrides tab in this window, there are overrides in the return. To remove override data and revert to the calculated data, place your cursor on line 64, choose Edit > Overrides, and then select Delete Override. If there are no overrides and Form 1040, line 64 does not equal the sum of the above-mentioned items, the return will need to be paper filed.

Note: The IRS has had problems with this error in past years. It is possible everything in the return is correct, but the IRS is rejecting the return erroneously. These returns must be paper filed.

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