1040-US ELF: Error Code F1040-071-03

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F1040-071-03: Form 1040, Line 64 'WithholdingTaxAmt' must be less than the sum of the following: [Line 7 'WagesSalariesAndTipsAmt' and Line 8a 'TaxableInterestAmt' and Line 9a 'OrdinaryDividendsAmt' and (Line 15a 'IRADistributionsAmt' or Line 15b 'TaxableIRAAmt') and (Line 16a 'PensionsAnnuitiesAmt' or Line 16b 'TotalTaxablePensionsAmt' ) and Line 19 'UnemploymentCompAmt' and Line 20a 'SocSecBnftAmt' and ( all 'OtherIncomeAmt' in [OtherIncomeTypeStatement] attached to Line 21 ) and ( all Schedule C (Form 1040), Line 1 'TotalGrossReceiptsAmt' ) and ( all Schedule C-EZ(Form 1040), Line 1 'TotalGrossReceiptsAmt' ) ] unless one of the following is true: (1) Line 13 'CapitalGainLossAmt' has a non-zero value; (2) Line 14 'OtherGainLossAmt' has a non-zero value; (3) Line 17 'RentalRealEstateIncomeLossAmt' has a non-zero value; (4) Line 18 'NetFarmProfitLossAmt' has a non-zero value; (5) Combat Pay has been excluded from wages.

Form 1040, line 64 Federal income tax withheld from Forms W-2 and 1099 cannot be less than the total of the above mentioned items. This is an IRS e-file limitation. The return must be paper filed. On Screen ELF, located under the Electronic Filing folder, in the Form 8948 - Paper Filing Exception section, enter F1040-071-03 in the IRS error reject code (ERC): ERC number field.

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