1040 - US ELF: Error Code F1040A-185

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Error Code F1040A-185: If Form 1040A, Line 42 'OverpaidAmt' is greater than Line 46 'EsPenaltyAmt', then the sum of Line 43a 'RefundAmt' and Line 44 'AppliedToEsTaxAmt' and Line 46 'EsPenaltyAmt' must be equal to Line 42 'OverpaidAmt'.

This error occurs when the amount on the overpayment field does not equal the sum of (1) the refund, (2) the amount applied to next year's estimates, and (3) the ES penalty amount. The situation is correct as presented on the form, but it does not appear that the IRS has accounted for this occurrence in electronic filing specifications. Therefore, you cannot e-file a return that has both an overpayment and a balance due, due to the presence of the Form 2210 penalty.

You must either paper file the return, or suppress the calculated penalty. If the penalty is suppressed, the IRS may send a bill to the taxpayer for any underpayment penalty, as well as any accrued interest and penalties. To suppress the penalty, access Screen Pen, located under the Payments folder, and select code 1 in the Suppress penalties on Form 1040: Form 2210 field.

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