1040-US ELF: Error Code F8962-002-01

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Error Reject Code F8962-002-01: If Form 8962, Line 1 'TotalExemptionsCnt' has a non-zero value, then Line 2a 'ModifiedAGIAmt' must be equal to the (sum of Form 1040, Line 37 'AdjustedGrossIncomeAmt' and Line 8b 'TaxExemptInterestAmt' and Line 20a 'SocSecBnftAmt' and Form 2555, Line 45 'TotalIncomeExclusionAmt' and Line 50 'HousingDeductionAmt' and Form 2555-EZ, Line 18 'ForeignEarnedIncExclusionAmt') minus Form 1040, Line 20b 'TaxableSocSecAmt'.

There have been several tax returns with this IRS rejection due to Form 8814, Parents' Election To Report Child's Interest and Dividends being present in the electronic file. UltraTax CS will include amounts from Form 8814 on Form 8962 line 2a as specified by Form 8962 instructions. The IRS will erroneously reject electronic files when Form 8962 line 2a has amounts from Form 8814. Until the IRS addresses this behavior in the IRS Modernized e-File system, returns with amounts on Form 8962 line 2a that include amounts from Form 8814 will have to be paper filed.

The following error codes may also trigger along with this error if both Form 8962 and Form 8814 are included in the electronic file: F8962-004-01, F8962-007-01, F8962-008-01, F8962-009-01, F8962-025.

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