1040-US ELF: Error code F8962-048

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Error reject code/rule F8962-048: If Form 8962, Part 4 "Shared Policy Allocation", 'PolicyNum' has a value, then at least one of the following must have a value: 'MonthlyPremiumPct' or 'MonthlyPremiumSLCSPPct' or 'MonthlyAdvancedPTCPct'.

This rejection is due to missing information in the Shared Policy Allocation statement on Screen PTC. If the policy is not shared, remove all information from this statement to resolve this rejection. If the policy is a shared policy, verify that either the Premium Percent, SLCSP Percent, or Advance Payment Percent columns have an amount input in the Shared Policy Allocation statement.

Form 8962 Part 4 Shared Policy Allocation can be completed from data entry in this statement, or from using the Allocation column on Screen 1095A. Do not enter the same policy in both locations. The allocation percent for the monthly premium, second lowest cost silver plan (SLCSP), and monthly advance payment must be the same for all columns if entered. An allocation percent can be entered in one column and another column can be blank if no allocation applies. Review the Form 8962 instructions for details on situations that require allocation.

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