1040-US ELF: Error Code FPYMT-074-01

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Error Code FPYMT-074-01:  If the return is received after the due date of the return, then the 'RequestedPaymentDt' in the IRS Payment Record must not be later than the date the return was received.

The date entered in the Requested payment date field on Screen ELF, located under the Electronic Filing folder, cannot be later than the transmission date.  For example, if the return is being transmitted on 05/01/18, then 05/01/18 must be entered.  Once the date is changed, you can recreate and resubmit the electronic file.

For extensions filed before the deadline, review Electronic funds withdrawal for extensions requested payment date in the Extension Information, on Screen ELF. Verify that the date entered is on or before the due date of the extension.

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