1040-US ELF: Error Code IND-115

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Rule IND-115: 'RentalRealEstateIncomeLossAmt' in the return must be equal to the non-zero amount from Schedule E (Form 1040), 'TotalIncomeOrLossAmt' or 'TotalSuppIncomeOrLossAmt' unless Form 8958 is present in the return. If both Schedule E (Form 1040), 'TotalIncomeOrLossAmt' and 'TotalSuppIncomeOrLossAmt' have non-zero values, then 'RentalRealEstateIncomeLossAmt' in the return must be equal to Schedule E (Form 1040), 'TotalSuppIncomeOrLossAmt'.

This error indicates that Form 1040, line 17 Rental real estate, royalties, partnerships, S corporations, trusts, etc., does not match Total income or (loss) reported on Schedule E. To resolve this error, delete overrides on Form 1040 line 17 and Schedule E.

Note: In rare instances Schedule E and Form 1040 line 17 will not equal. This is due to calculations on Form 8582 and modified adjusted gross income. An example is a tax return with a rental real estate activity along with an IRS distribution and contribution. In these rare instances, overriding Form 8582 may be necessary to e-file the return.

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