1040-US ELF: Error Code R0000-503-02

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Error Reject Code R0000-503-02: Valid for 1040/A/EZ/SS(PR) - 'SpouseSSN' and the 'SpouseNameControlTxt' in the Return Header (or Line 6b 'ExemptSpouseNameControlTxt' in the return - For 1040/1040A returns) must match the e-File database.

This is a master file rejection, which means the SSN and name control does not match what the IRS has on their master file. Verify the spouse's SSN and name. If these are correct, then you will have to contact the IRS to obtain the spouse name control. The spouse name control can be entered on Screen ELF, in the Electronic Filing folder, in the Spouse name Control (Force) field. Resubmit the return electronically after entering the spouse name control obtained from the IRS.

Refer to Form 8948 - Paper Filing Exceptions if filing the return on paper.

Note: This normally happens when the spouse just married and has not yet changed her last name with the Social Security Administration (SSA).

If the secondary taxpayer has changed their name but has not notified the SSA, have the taxpayer contact the SSA at 800.772.1213. It may take the SSA up to 10 days to notify the IRS after they have updated their files. Afterward, an electronic return can be resubmitted.

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