1040-US ELF: Error Code SA-F1040-011-03

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Error Code SA-F1040-011-03: If Form 1040, Line 1 checkbox "Single" or Line 2 checkbox "Married filing jointly" or Line 4 checkbox "Head of household" or Line 5 checkbox "Qualifying widow(er)" is checked (element 'IndividualReturnFilingStatusCd' has a value of 1 or 2 or 4 or 5), and Form 1040, Line 37 'AdjustedGrossIncomeAmt' has a value greater than 109000, then Schedule A (Form 1040), Line 13 'MortgageInsurancePremiumsAmt' must have a zero value if an amount is entered.

If there is an amount on Schedule A, Line 13 - Mortgage insurance premiums, then AGI (adjusted gross income) calculated on Form 1040, Page 2, Line 38 must be less than the specified amount for the filing status. For MFS (married filing separately), AGI must be less than $54,500, and for all others, AGI must be less than $109,000. If the amounts are greater than the specified amount, then the return cannot be electronically filed.

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