1040-US ELF: Error Code SC-F1040-003-01

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Error Code SC-F1040-003-01: If Schedule C (Form 1040), Part II, Line 9 'CarAndTruckExpensesAmt' has a non-zero value, then Schedule C (Form 1040), Part IV, Line 43 'VehiclePlacedInServiceDt' must have a value or Form 4562 must be present in the return.

The business rule indicates that an amount was forced on Schedule C, Line 9 - Car and truck expenses and a date is missing on Schedule C, Page 2, Line 43 OR Form 4562 is not attached to the return. The IRS requires that if there is an entry for car and truck expenses, either Form 4562 must be present or the questions on Schedule C, Page 2 must be completed. To avoid this business rule, enter the car and truck expenses in the Asset tab of the Schedule C activity, rather than using the Car and truck (Force) field. Also, review for vehicles that do not have business mile entries.

If you do not use the Asset tab to enter depreciation, follow the steps below to enter the date for Schedule C, Page 2, line 43.

  1. Choose File > Client Properties.
  2. Click the Advanced Properties button.
  3. Click the Enter Asset Detail tab.
  4. Clear the Enter asset detail information checkbox, and when prompted, click Yes to proceed.
  5. Click OK twice.
  6. Click the Business folder in the folders block, click the Auto tab, and enter the date in the Veh 1 - Date field.
  7. Repeat steps 1 - 4 to mark the Enter asset detail information checkbox.
  8. Create the electronic file.

Note: The following ELF Critical diagnostic is generated when the above conditions exist:

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