1040-US ELF: Error Code SD-F1040-001

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Error Code SD-F1040-001:  Schedule D (Form 1040), 'NetSTAndLTCapitalGainOrLossAmt' or 'AllowableLossAmt' must be equal to 'CapitalGainLossAmt' in the return unless Form 8958 is present in the return.

When receiving this rejection, verify there are no overrides within the return by pressing CTRL+D to access the Federal diagnostics window.  If there's an Overrides tab, then there are overrides in the return.  See if any pertain to Schedule D, if so you'll want to delete the overrides by right-clicking on the line that contains the override and selecting Delete Override.  Once overrides are deleted, review the return for accuracy and you can recreate and resubmit the electronic file.

Note: If Schedule D is forced to print, Error code IND-113 will also be displayed. To unforce Schedule D to print, select Schedule D in forms view, go to Edit > Overrides, and select Force Form to Print.

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