1040-US ELF: Error Code SEIC-F1040-004-04

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Error Code SEIC-F1040-004-04: For each 'ChildBirthYr' on Schedule EIC(Form 1040A or 1040), Line 3 that is equal to 'TaxYr' in the Return Header, the corresponding Line 6 'MonthsChildLivedWithYouCnt' must be equal to 12 or 'KidnappedChildCd' must have the value "KC".

In the statement dialog for the Dependent information statement dialog in Screen 1040, located under the General folder, if the Mos Home column is less than 12 and the child was born or died in the current tax year, the return must be filed on paper to claim the EIC for this dependent.  Refer to 1040 - US ELF:  Form 8948 - Paper Filing Exceptions.

If the child was born or died in the tax year, and the taxpayer's home was the child's home for more than half the time the child was alive during the tax year, simply change the Mos Home column to 12 to clear error SEIC-F1040-004-04.

Otherwise, do the following:

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