1040 - US ELF: Multiple Forms 8938

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Can multiple units of Form 8938 be electronically filed?

The IRS e-file specifications incorrectly state that two forms are accepted for e-file. We have confirmed with the IRS that only one form should be filed.

The IRS paper instructions state that you should file only one Form 8938 per return (including MFJ, see page 5). The additional accounts / assets (multiple units of Screen 8938) do actually print on additional copies of the form for paper (and transmit as statements in the e-file), but the additional copies are treated as additional "sheets" and not additional forms. A checkbox is marked on the top of Page 1 that indicates that additional "sheets" are attached (as referenced in the F1 help for the Account number and Description of asset fields).

Note: Additional units of Screen 8938 are not allowed because Part III and Part IV are to be filed on only one form, the first form. The additional copies of the form are considered additional sheets for purposes of reporting additional assets and accounts. Part III and Part IV apply to the sum of all assets and accounts (all units) (see the F1 help for Screen 8938-2).

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