1120-US ELF: Error Code F5472-001-01

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Error Code F5472-001-01: If Form 5472 Part II, Line 1a 'ShareholderName' has an entry, then Line 1b(1) 'SSN' or 'EIN', or Line 1b(2) 'ForeignEntityReferenceIdNum' must have a value.


On Screen 5472 in the 5472 folder, go to the Foreign Shareholder Information section and enter an SSN/EIN, Applied For, or ForeignUS under the Identifying Number column for each foreign shareholder entered in the Direct 25% foreign shareholder information and the Indirect 25% foreign shareholder information statement dialogs.  If Applied For or ForeignUS are being used in place of an SSN or EIN, enter a Reference ID Number in the Reference ID Number column.  

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