5500 - US ELF: Error Code I-151

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Error Code I-151: Warning: Schedule R, Line 13 a is not blank, and at least one of Lines 13b, 13c, 13d, 13e(1), or 13e(2) is blank and Line a (Multiemployer Plan) is checked and Form 5500, Line 8a contains "1x" (Defined Benefit).;Ackid=#####

If Schedule R, Page 2 is completed as it is below, the DOL has told us that the return IS FILED, even though it is receiving the above mentioned warning. The DOL said it is filed with a warning, which means 'if the return is correct, as our user views it, then nothing else needs to be done.' Again, it is FILED.

If, at a later date, the DOL has questions about anything in the return, the DOL will contact the client.

A Form 9325 will not be able to be printed out of UltraTax CS, because of no receipt of an official acceptance. But again, the return is filed.

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