990 - US ELF: Error Code F990PF-039

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Error Code F990PF-039: If Form 990PF, Item H, checkbox "Section 501(c)(3) exempt private foundation" or checkbox "Section 4947(a)(1) nonexempt charitable trust" is checked and (Part VII-A, Line 7 has a choice of 'Yes' indicated OR Part II, Line 16(b) is greater than 5000), then Part XV, Line 2 checkbox must be checked OR at least one complete entry for submission information (Lines 2a through 2d) must be provided.

To correct this error code, access Screen Supp, located under the 990-PF folder, and open the Name, address, and telephone number to whom applications should be addressed and complete the following data entry fields: Name, Address 1, City, State, Zip and Phone Number.

If on Screen Supp, the Makes contributions to preselected charitable organizations only checkbox is not marked, then the following three statement dialogs must be completed:

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